Spiritual-Historical Implications of Beyonce’s #BlackIsKing: A Conversation with The Carr Brothers

On last Sunday at The Infinity Fellowship, I had a privilege and an honor as its Chief Spiritual Officer: The opportunity to have what is usually an interpersonal conversation with my big brother–only in a first-ever public broadcast.

If you didn’t know, Dr. Greg Carr is not only the Chair of Howard University’s Afro-American Studies Department, he is also one of the leading scholars of Africana Studies in the world today. We had an amazing time discussing visual and historical elements of the recently released Beyonce musical film, Black Is King, and how it relates to the state of pop culture, race, and the future.

Every third Sunday at Infinity, we host what’s called #IF-Speaks. It’s an opportunity, as an Interfaith and Interspiritual body, for people to actually have a Q&A interactive Sunday Service. The entire service in online at our Youtube Channel, and if you’re interested in diving right into the Message/Conversation, you can watch it below.

Here’s a huge shout out to all who joined us for this great conversation. Yes, I cut up with my brother because, what else are we supposed to do? Warning, you might want to break out a notepad or journal, because we took it pretty deep…

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