Black Stuff: A 1997 Poem

I wanna see some

black stuff

‘cause black stuff

is me.

I wanna see some

black stuff

Fantasy or


I wanna see some

black stuff

come parading across

the stage

‘cause at this point only

black stuff

can invoke my joy

and rage.

I just wanna see some

black stuff

when the lights come up

so bright

so my kids can know

that heroes

don’t just come

in ivory white

Dressed in tights

and making reference

to some European mystery,

speaking words that show

no deference

to the majesty

of our history.

I wanna see some

black stuff

flicker on the silver screen.

Not the

black stuff

that’s been showing

(thugs and fools)

know what I mean?

Why is it all the

black stuff

that you see up in a


has us doing all the

whack stuff

instead of being


Now we’ve got our share of

pimps and players

40 ounces, dope & guns.

But that’s just

the bottom layer

it’s nowhere near


Matter of fact

it’s just a few

trying to be so

hard and tough.

But let the

white stuff tell it:

that’s the essence of

black stuff.

I just wanna see some

black stuff

when I turn on

the t.v.

but on the news

all the criminals

end up looking

just like


On the news

we see the

black stuff

when they speak of

drug abusers,

never knowing that the

truth is

mostly white folks

are the users.

On that tube I see

our brothers

being sprayed down

with mace

without one question

to society:

What drove them

to this place?

God, I just wanna see some

black stuff

when I send my kid

to school,

so they can see me as

the king in a court

as opposed to


the fool.

I just need to read some

black stuff

when our kids do

a report.

Maybe that will keep them


and away from

criminal court.

And why can’t they learn some

black stuff

at the schools

inside this nation?

Especially since


was their forefathers’


I don’t wanna make it seem

like the

white stuff

isn’t good.

But the

white stuff

doesn’t relate

to what happens

in my ‘hood.

It can’t be wrong

to want some

black stuff.

It would be a



I get tired of hearing:

“white stuff isn’t ‘white,’


If the white stuff

does illuminate

everybody’s hopes

and dreams,

then the

black stuff

is the source

from which that light

gets its beams.

So i’ll take me some

black stuff—

that is,

if there’s a


‘Cause right now

white stuff’s a



black stuff’s


one voice.

So break me off some

black stuff

and let’s sit

and contemplate.

‘Cause just because it’s

black stuff,

doesn’t mean it’s full of


There will be lots of

Black stuff:

love, hate, despair and


(Basically the same kinda thing the

white stuff

gives an audience to


So, let’s see some more of that

black stuff

at the forefront

of the pack.

it will surely be


After all,

isn’t the Universe itself


©1997 jeff obafemi carr

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