Kwame Leo Lillard: A Living Libation for Liberation

By jeff obafemi carr The spirit who occupied the Earth Suit recognized by all as the great Kwame Leo Lillard has now transitioned into The Ancestral Realm. When I first heard the news, I immediately carried a glass of water to my front yard, poured some out, and called his name aloud. This is theContinue reading “Kwame Leo Lillard: A Living Libation for Liberation”

Zooming Into Focus: The Barry Scott Nashville Memorial Chat

When Barry Scott (1955-2020) passed away suddenly last week, the world didn’t know what to do. How do we pay tribute to a man who touched so many for so long? Sounds like an answerable question–and opportunity–for Creatives. The result? On a Sunday night, close to 70 artists from around the United States sprang intoContinue reading “Zooming Into Focus: The Barry Scott Nashville Memorial Chat”

Imaginary Circumstances: The Truth about Barry Scott

Barry Scott died yesterday. He was—among so many other things—an actor. So am I. And I’ve been called worse things. You see, when you’re an actor, you’re in a unique conundrum. You are, by training and by experience, a Weaver of Dreams. Many lawyers, doctors, policemen, and random heroes grew up desiring their professions becauseContinue reading “Imaginary Circumstances: The Truth about Barry Scott”