The Carr Brothers Talk #Beyonce: There is a first time for everything

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do something I’d never done before–talk to my brother. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve had some of the most profound conversations of my life with my elder brother, Dr. Greg Carr, who is one of the leading Africana Studies intellectuals in the world today. He’s a living legend for his lessons and quips on Twitter, his historical perspectives on Roland Martin Unfiltered, and students who get the blessing of having him as a professor at Howard University repeatedly elect him as their favored purveyor of knowledge. We’ve had some rich conversations over the years.

We’ve just never had them publicly, until now.

Earlier this year, Debbi Howard, who was planning the annual Alumni convention for our Alma Mater, Tennessee State University, presented a fabulous idea: get the Carr brothers together, onstage, for the first time ever, in a one-on-one conversation. We’re a bit of an enigma at TSU. We were both communications majors, activists, and we share the distinction of being the only biological brothers who were both elected to the office of President of the storied Student Government Association. Yet, we’ve never talked together, publicly, about those years. We were excited about this opportunity.

Then came COVID-19, and everything changed. Convention, cancelled.

Yet, Coronavirus presented a unique opportunity to tap into technology and keep this idea alive. Beyonce had recently released a lavish, movie-length multi-song experience called “Black Is King,” and it was burning up the internet. Layered with African culture and symbolism, and loosely based on Disney’s The Lion King, it was sparking conversation that begged interpretation. I decided, where else can you have a conversation like this but The Infinity Fellowship, where each 3rd Sunday we have a Q&A conversation we call “IF-Speaks.” Greg was down, and we had the technology in place.

So here we are. We had an amazing service that Sunday all around, and the highlight was the conversation. I’m posting just the conversation below so that you can have an opportunity to have as much fun as we did, and hopefully pick up some nuggets for living, creating, and being your authentic self.

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